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Arizer Extreme Q Complete


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  •  77% quieter than the predecessor
  •  LCD display
  •  Timer function
  •  50% less power consumption
  •  Temperature control by 3 sensors
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With the new Extreme Q, Arizer skillfully implements new developments in vaporizer technology.

With the old model, the balloon mode sometimes prevented the fan from operating, which was especially noticeable in quiet environments. The new model is very quiet, making it one of the quietest vaporizers on the market. "Q" consumes a little less than half the power of its predecessor. With the timer, the steamer automatically turns off after 0.5 hours (adjustable).

The temperature range is from 50 - 260°C, almost all herbal substances and oils can be vaporized in this range. 

Balloon mode:

Fill the balloon with the vapors and aromas of your favorite herbs and breathe independently of the device.

Shisha Mode:

Or use the direct inhalation mode (shisha mode).


Oil, herbs or perfumes can be vaporized into the room air. The extra button is for aromatherapy, for this you set the vaporizer to about 100 °C, fill it with herbs, set the fan to one level, set the timer to one hour and the whole room will smell wonderfully of herbs or flowers.

The brushless motorized fan offers three different pressure settings, blowing hot air into the grass head as needed.  

The Cyclone Bowl is also an Arizer invention. This glass herb bowl has a standard 18mm cut on each side and is placed vertically in the vaporizer with the black end facing up. Glass is the best material for vaporizing herbs, it is completely tasteless when heated, easy and hygienic to clean, and provides good visual control at all times.

The ceramic heating element is enclosed in a glass holder. This combination stands vertically in the center of the vaporizer and provides a stable temperature and very fast heating. The Extreme Q Vaporizer only operates on a low voltage of 19 volts, which allows the device to be used on the go with an external battery or in a car's cigarette lighter. Low voltage protection protects against deep discharge of the batteries.

The remote control is the icing on the cake! With it, all functions can be conveniently used and configured. The balloon system is simple and ingenious at the same time. You can use any food-safe bag here.


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Product Reference
1x Extreme-Q vaporizer, 1x remote control (latest version), 2x balloons incl. glass adapter with 10 mm cut, 1x Mini Whip with 18,8 mm cut and 10 mm for the balloon mouthpiece, 1x silicone tube incl. glass angle, strainer and mouthpiece
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77% quieter than the predecessor, LCD display, timer function, 50% less power consumption, temperature control by 3 sensors
Function 1
Balloon mode
Function 2
Shisha mode
Function 3
Temperature range extends from 50 - 260°C

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Arizer Extreme Q Complete