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      Metal reducer Ø125mm to Ø100mm
      Metal reducer Ø125mm to Ø100mm

      Metal reducer Ø125mm to Ø100mm


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      • Metal reducer
      • Connections: Ø125mm and Ø100mm
      • Connects ventilation elements
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      Metal reducer Ø125mm to Ø100mm

      The high-quality metal reducer offers a reliable solution for the seamless connection of ventilation ducts with different diameters.

      With a diameter of 125mm on one side and 100mm on the other, this reducer enables a problem-free connection between ventilation elements of different sizes.

      Made from robust metal, this reducer is extremely durable and resistant to the stresses of ventilation construction.

      The precise design ensures a perfect fit for efficient air circulation without leaks.

      With a height of 10 cm, this reducer offers sufficient space for securely fastening the ventilation hoses.

      It can be easily attached with hose clamps or other suitable fastening methods to ensure a stable connection.

      Data of the metal reducer Ø125mm to Ø100mm:
      Diameter: 125mm to 100mm
      Height: 10cm


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      1x Metal reducer Ø125mm to Ø100mm

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      Metal reducer Ø125mm to Ø100mm


      (€5.80 Stk)

      inkl. MwSt.