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      • Storage at controlled temperature
      • Precise temperature control for optimum results.
      • Maximum development of aroma and potency.
      • Cold and hot drying
      • User-friendly operation
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      Revolutionary hashish and resin drying with iCure©: The future of storage and care

      iCure© redefines the standards for drying and preserving hashish and resins
      and offers a ground-breaking solution that combines cold drying, hot drying and controlled room temperature storage.

      Hashish and resins are demanding products that require precise care.
      Inadequate storage can quickly lead to loss of quality, aroma and potency.
      In a world where quality is paramount, iCure© represents the future of storage and care.
      Our unique solution enables precise temperature control throughout the entire process.

      Why choose iCure©?

      Precise temperature control: iCure© allows users to set optimal drying and storage conditions to preserve quality, flavor and potency.

      Maximum product development: The combination of precise drying and controlled storage leads to exceptional results in terms of aroma, flavor and potency.

      Guaranteed excellence: iCure© stands for excellence in the storage and care of hashish and resin products, ensuring high-quality products without compromising on freshness or potency.

      Ease of use: iCure© is easy to use and allows everyone to benefit from advanced features without complications.

      Versatility in daily use

      Cold drying 1°C to 14°C: Preserves and improves the organoleptic properties and consistency of hashish and resins at low temperatures, without significant heat.

      Hot drying 20°C to 30°C: Rapid transformation through controlled heat to alter consistency and in some cases improve organoleptic properties.

      Controlled room temperature storage: Preserves the organoleptic properties and consistency achieved during drying, keeping the product fresh and ready for use.

      iCure© offers a revolutionary solution for the storage and care of hashish and resins to ensure that each product is stored and cared for in optimal conditions to achieve and maintain its full potential.


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